About the Conference

The 2018 Crime Stoppers National Conference is Australia’s premier community safety event. Directors, volunteers and staff from the nine Crime Stoppers organisations in Australia will join delegates from law enforcement, regulatory and government agencies, corporate and community leaders, academics and community safety practitioners. 

The conference theme ‘The Community’s Role in Disrupting Crime’ will explore the Australian community’s current and future role in disrupting crime. It will examine how effective partnerships between select government agencies and Crime Stoppers can make Australia safer and enhance national security.  

The Crime Stoppers National Conference is Australia’s leading forum for government agencies, businesses and community organisations to collaborate, inform and inspire each other to develop community-based initiatives to help solve and prevent crime.

The Conference brings over 100 key delegates from around Australia to showcase best practice in crime prevention and detection programs whilst delivering case studies and research on emerging trends in both national and international crime categories.



The Community’s Role in Disrupting Crime


The conference features plenary sessions, key note speakers, panel discussions, workshops and case studies, together with quality networking opportunities held at iconic host locations.

The Community’s Role in Disrupting Crime

Innovation, entrepreneurship and new business models increasingly create exciting opportunities and influence our lives seductive speed and agility.

Incentives for embracing these advancements are wide reaching and so are the consequences. Ruthless crimes are emerging that reach beyond borders, governments and industries to simultaneously impact us at international and local levels.

Digital innovations and economic conditions further enable these large, complex and constantly evolving crimes,  creating victims everywhere – from corporations to school yards. 

We are determined to increase awareness of these crimes and to develop appropriate intervention strategies. By strengthening partnerships, prioritising resources and continuing to evolve as the community’s instrument for disrupting crime, Crime Stoppers can help reduce their impact and create a safer Australia!