Welcome to the Crime Stoppers Conference

Blue skies, open spaces, friendly people and inclusive communities are part of Australian life. We value freedom, equality and tolerance. Our society is committed to the rule of law, and we draw on the insight and experience of all Australians to maintain it.

In modern societies, laws and the legal system must be agile and adaptable to keep up with innovative technologies. As businesses and industries make use of these technologies, so too does criminal enterprise, often with consequences at local, national, and international levels.

Victims can range from corporations to schoolchildren, as simple scams make smaller targets viable. Organised crime continues to develop more and more sophisticated methods in corporate fraud, drug cartels, human trafficking, child exploitation, financial and tax crime, environmental crime and even domestic crime.

But crime doesn’t occur in a vacuum, and the experience and insight of all Australians, which is so important to developing the rule of law, is equally important to assisting the authorities to enforce it. Even the smallest pieces of information from members of the public can help the police to build cases against sophisticated criminals.

Crime Stoppers is on the offensive! Our goal is to be the community’s instrument for disrupting crime and to be a trusted resource for the public about the nature of modern crime. We work to reduce the impact of crime with appropriate intervention strategies – strong partnerships with the community and police, effective marketing campaigns and a strategy responsive to the growth and evolution of crime.

Please join us in Canberra for our 2018 Annual National Conference where we bring together the collective capabilities of key influencers and critical stakeholders to consider how we can engage Australian communities in keeping us all safe.

Trevor O’Hara
Chair – Crime Stoppers Australia

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